Education Creates Opportunity!

Community involvement through workshops is the second best way performers can serve their audience!

By making our process as dancers, writers and composers visible, we are inviting the community into our inner world. Educating others and empowering their dance, music, art and creativity is not only fun, it is exactly how we plan to invest in the next generation of artists.

Every artist will tell you about that experience that inspired or that person who took an interest in their talent and mentored them. A compassionate personal encounter can ignite a lifetime of creativity. We seek to create those moments through our education and outreach programs. Giving artists in other communities the chance to witness the process and skills that go into the creation of our performances.

Lectures by UCLA Professor, Author and Astra founder Dr. David Wilkinson
  • "Making an Art Style into a Dance Style"
  • "Great Masters of the Renaissance Era"
  • "Great Masters of the Impressionist Era"
  • "Great Masters of the Americas"
Master Classes in Acting with our award-winning director, Sasha Travis.
  • "From Static Art to Dynamic Motion - Storytelling through Dance"
  • "Melodrama in Dance and Acting"
  • "Don't Forget Your Face - Acting for Dancers"
Master Classes in Music with award winning composer, and our founder Regan Remy.
  • "Improvisation - Set your Playing Free"
  • "Not Quite Silent - The History of Silent Film Music"
  • "Composing Made Easy - Silence Your Inner Critic"

We aim to meet the needs of the community. The Lectures are accompanied by slides where appropriate, and the acting and music master classes are part lecture, part performance, part workshop.

Voted "Best Theatre Company in Los Angeles" 2 years running!

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