A tight ensemble of dancers brings classical works of art into vivid embodiment. Adapted to be performed in the limited confines of the museum itself, this work also lends itself to smaller, more intimate settings.


Witness the transformation of a young dancer into a prima ballerina in this ode to the great impressionist paintings.


Idealized forms of humans cavort with the Gods in this love story set amidst the great art of the Renaissance era.

American Art:

Surreal and emotional, the landscape of this piece hurtles us into the future, examining each of our selves in the context of modernity.


Each show can be done with 6-10 dancers and no sets. The art can be present via projections, prints or on the walls of an actual gallery. We love to adapt our choreography to suit your collection! Exploring great art through movement and dance is our passion!

Museum Without Walls, so named after the brilliant work by the great 20th-century scholar André Malraux, French Minister of Cultural Affairs (1959–1969).

Malraux maintained that art, rather than being timeless, persevered precisely because it gained new meanings as culture evolved over time. With the Museum Without Walls project we explore those enduring themes and archetypes which have thoroughly yet diversely fascinated mankind, over all human geography and time.

A museum without walls has been opened to us, and it will carry infinitely farther than limited revelation of the world of art which the real museums offer…"

Voted "Best Theatre Company in Los Angeles" 2 years running!

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Our composer Regan Remy, whose works have been heard on Lost, Alias, 24, Team America and on the stage at the Lincoln Center, gracing the ancient water temple in Bali, Indonesia and at Burning Man Festival.